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In present day a man was on his way to his soon to be best vacation yet. On the drive to his destination, it got late and he was very tired, so he drove to the nearest hotel to spend the night and continue his drive in the morning. But there was something wrong with this hotel, this was not your average hotel. Figure out what secrets the hotel holds within its walls. Good luck


SinsFromGod makes a return for a second part and it's now better than ever, SinsFromGod 2 introduces all new mechanics that were not in the original game like interacting with objects such as picking up items like notes, weapons, health items, battles against enemy AI and more. We have also added horrifying jumpscares to make sure you have nightmares for nights on end.


1. Download WinRar OR another software that can extract .rar files

2. Download "SinsFromGod 2" Through the download button below.

3. When Finished Downloading  Extract The .rar file to your desktop 

4. Open "SinsFromGod 2" File

5. Run SinsFromGod 2.exe 


RaidGames Studios
Rated 3.7 out of 5 stars
(20 total ratings)
AuthorRaidGames Studios
GenreSurvival, Adventure
Made withBlender, Adobe Photoshop, Unity, Audacity
TagsAtmospheric, Horror, Ludum Dare 50, Psychological Horror, Short, Singleplayer, Story Rich, Survival Horror
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
LinksBlog, Blog


Download or claim
On Sale!
100% Off
$1.99 $0.00 USD or more

Click download now to get access to the following files:

SinsFromGod 2.rar 452 MB
CHAPTER 2.rar 375 MB

Development log


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need help for installing the game. The file .dll can't be found when i run the .exe

loved it!

this game give many jump scares, love it. Im not expected chapter 2 is very short. Btw graphic is good. Cant wait for your other game 馃榿

Nice graphics. But I just thought the zombie chase scene was kind of hilarious and maybe ruined the vibe.


I donated enough to help you reach your goal, but it is not updating on your donation screen on my side. Is it showing up for you? I just don't want a mistake or bug rob you of your very worthy goal. Thanks for the awesome game and for being an awesome person!

Yes! I do see the donations on my end, thank you very much!!!

Where is Sins of God 1?

Played both chapters 1 and 2. It was fun. I just wish the game was longer.

Here's my gameplay of chapter 1, it was decent! Good graphics, wanted more but I guess that's a compliment to you!

Enjoy :)

I appreciate that! Thank you for playing.

Just played chapter 2. Got to say compared to chapter 1 it is a bit lacking. But it wasn't bad I guess, made a video on it.

I appreciate the feedback! It was sort of rushed because I needed to keep working on a game I started in march. I have a new game planned to release early July! Gonna be mostly from scratch!

hot fix for chapter 2 releasing later tomorrow 

Thanks for chapter 2!

Thank you for playing!

loved this game i played it on my youtube channel (968) WELCOME TO HOTEL HELL (SINS FROM GOD 2) - YouTube

This was a creepy experience . I just wish it was a little longer. I complained about not enough batteries but thats just me not wanting to be in the dark at all. It  looked really good though . Great game! I need to find  sins from god 1 now!

This is an interesting  small indie horror !!! I wanna see part 3 as soon as possible :)

A very good looking game. The jumpscare at the end got me lol. I wasn't prepared for it in the least haha! You can check out my experience in the video below. Thanks for your efforts, I'll be sure to keep an eye on this one :)

The game looked good like to see more collectable and things to read. The jump scare actually got me good lol enjoy the jumpscare!


happy you enjoyed!

Great!! I like this game.

Thank you! 

Hi, your chapter one was cool, I look forward to part 2!! I'm a sound design and music student and I would love to work with you to improve the sound of the game and maybe work on chapter 2. Would you be interested?

I really like the design of this Game. There is so much attention to detail! Just walking around and looking at everything in the Hotel is fun! I'm also excited to see where the Story is going in the next Chapter. Good Job! (:

thanks for playing!!

So after playing Death of Craze I gotta say this game is more longer and has more in store to have you experience. But this game is less scarier and more into the line of "what was that?" But I do have some things I like 


  • The hotel is a very cool place to explore, the exterior is well made, the interiors and decorations are all very interesting to look at. And overall there is a couple of interesting room designs and odd floor layouts. But other than that, I liked the look of the hotel 
  • The game tries to be different, and I will give it credit for that, I liked  the part to where your having to insert a VHS and just watch a spooky video. Yes it doesn't make sense, and tbh it doesn't correlate with anything in this game, but overall its different. And not a lot of Itchio games would have IRL video footage ingame. So bravo on be different from most games. 



i loved chapter 1 but i would loved to have more time with the axe becuse we had a bond his name is dave now :) but cannot wait for chapter 2 

thank you so much for playing!

No thank you for making such a good horror game please let me know when chapter 2 comes 馃槉

Awesome Gameplay Video Here
(1 edit)

Broke the game when I switch the power on and off in the "basement" before the game told me. Also, I am stuck in the library. Is the game just over when you reach that point or is it broken?

Edit: Invisible trigger in the hallway (libray) can receive bulletholes.

the hallway after the library is the end of the game, it has a message at the end, 

and I鈥檓 aware of the trigger that can receive bullets holes I鈥檓 currently looking for a fix 

Alright, thank you. Didn't see/get the message so I was unsure.


An interesting game, but very vague. It would be nice if there were more things going on in this huge map. Well, that's what we'll find out when the full version comes out. Congratulations on your game.

Finished chapter 1!

I think this project could have more to i

List of this to improve:

  • Performance (the game is really laggy at some moments)
  • Small engine bugs (floor dissapearing in our FOV at the end zone when looking at the fence)
  • Collision bugs: some items don't have collision, such as the pillar with the book in the end area or the windows in the library (out of bounds!!!)
  • Screamers/horror: you can often see the "screamers" and they trigger when approaching, that's a bit.. bad. Making things dissapear is not a good thing imo. I really like the "Outlast 1 style" at the beginning of the game: a lot of psychological horror and jump scares that make sense, but not too often.

Thanks for making the game and good luck for the future of this game :)

Thank you for the tips! will check them out now!


Show post...


I finished Chapter 1! Thanks. *I would love to be put into this game somehow just if you wanted to* 馃槉

Thank You For Giving It Another Shot!

This was not bad. Had some issues with the settings not applying properly but other than that this was pretty good. Made a video on it.

Thanks For Playing!

(1 edit)

How much do I have to donate to get a potato put in your next game? I'm being serious by the way, pick your price.

10$ for a massive potato  (as tall a character)

$20 for a potato as big as you want (any size)

$5 for a decent sized potato (a bit smaller than the character)

Perfect, how do I send the money to you?

At goal at the top of the page you can hit the button that says contribute now you click that and enter the amount 

Okay perfect, thank you

it's really a good game. but there are some bugs that break the game

also! Everyone who donates will be in the credits of our next game and be possibly chosen to have your own Easter egg! 

I can't change the graphics settings in the menu!!!

as of right now you can only do that with a keyboard and mouse plugged in 

(1 edit)



(1 edit)

Everyone who donates will receive a free copy of our next game! And trust me you don鈥檛 want to miss out on our next game!!!

Got you to your goal.   :-/

god bless you man

Hey! I thought it was really pretty but it's a little broken, at least for me. Thanks. Also the thumbnail & title is just clickbait, I actually ask people to support your game & also link to it in the description!

Hi! the current version you are playing is the demo, the download that is available now is the full game and much better! I have also stopped promoting my game that way! thanks for playing!

Awesome thanks, I'll have to play it!

Watch This Video

thanks for posting it man!

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