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You start a new job on Halloween night at a remote gas station 20 miles away from the nearest town.  You go to work for a slow and boring 8-hour shift, except this won't be an average night.


The game is now finished for the most part. if you play the game and currently do not like it, don't worry I do plan on creating dlc's that will add more to the story. I really did try my best with this, I wanted to add a lot more but ran out of time cause I really did not want to delay it for you guys. with that being said. I hope you enjoy and give me a follow if you want to see more of this game in the future.


The Current $100 goal I am trying to reach is to pay fees to put this game on Steam, putting this game on Steam will make it easier to roll out updates and dlc's for you guys. everyone who donates I will reach out to you through email and put your names inside the Steam version of the game! 


1. Download WinRar OR another software that can extract .rar files

2. Download "South Of Hell" Through the download button below.

3. When Finished Downloading Extract The .rar file to your desktop 

4. Open "South Of Hell" File 

5. Run South Of Hell.exe


Download or claim
On Sale!
100% Off
$1.00 $0.00 USD or more

Click download now to get access to the following files:

South Of Hell.rar 1,019 MB

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South of Hell is a short indie horror, set in a gas station, one of the most used settings for horror games in 2023...Explaining the history would be spoiling the game, and since it's short, you won't have to wait too long until the credits roll. My only problem with it is the initial sequence in the dining, since it seems to drag out for far longer than it should have.The game runs fairly well on Steam Deck as you can see by pressing the link below:

Really good game i love .


That was strange

I heard a lot of people talking about bugs recently. Most I got during my play through was the door not opening but I quickly figured out it was just the knob you needed to look at. This game genuinely scared me despite the jumpscares being thrown in haphazardly. Great game!

Though the game creator ran out of time, I must say, they did quite well with this short horror game. It has a chilling atmosphere as you work in a gas station in literally the middle of nowhere on Halloween night. Never work alone - you  may not survive!  

pretty cool... I liked the ending

great game, i actually really enjoyed it 

I bought this game, I loved it.

Great game i enjoyed it

Cool and enjoyable game. :) 

A nice short game, while feeling a little silly at times, was still good. The controls felt nice and easy to grasp and nothing too difficult for the puzzles. I found the ending with the candles a bit confusing on if there was an actual choice or not but still had fun. The jumpscares felt a little cheap and didn't pay off too well and the voice acting could use a little work, but didn't take away from the overall experience.

Short but a worth while play. Interesting with out being too heavy handed. A few more puzzles be nice, but hey what there works well. The detail work pretty good, the scene shifts are fun and catch you off guard a few times. And the finishes.. will stick with me.

Nice game!

Enjoyed the game very much - something new at every turn.  Well done.

Nice game, but try removing some of those unexpected jumpscares because they kind feel cheap(because the character dose not react to them at all) and ruin the atmosphere. The concept is great though 

I find the concept of this very interesting! And working at a gas station, alone, far from the city, made it even creepier! Normally, I don't like when scares are thrown left and right, but these were actually delivered very well! Some of them got me pretty good! I was definitely anxious for the next scare lol. Here's my playthrough, and I gave some final thoughts at the end (and some throughout)! Overall, great job on a great game!

Not a bad game, but so much can be better! I feel like you started with the right foot, but then tripped and almost fell. You have something pretty good on your hands! I hope you can make it amazing! I made a full review on it by the end of the video, if you're interested it starts at 18:11.

I quite liked the way it started, the cutescenes, some jumpscare are unexpected.

So much can be improved after this game and some good horror can come out.

My compliments, there is some smearing but it is a good game and to be enjoyed

I think you did a great job :) Graphics were nice just needed a little more scare factor 


Images flashing suddenly are NOT a recipe for horror. They're just a guarantee for a heart attack, which makes playing your games harder.

Also, where are subtitles? How are people hard of hearing supposed to understand the dialogue?

I filled the last six dollars, and I hope I can see this game on Steam as soon as possible

Thank you!

This was so much fun, i was going to make it part of a 3 scary game, but it was way too god to get lost in that shuffle and definitely deserved its own video. keep up the good work

Enjoyed it, and had good jumpscares

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Hello i'm having problems to run the game, first the rar don't finish to extract, and when i run the exe, there is an error of 'unityplayer.dll'. But when i solve it, then an error about 'mono'

to me, it sounds like your anti-virus is deleting files, try turning that off then reinstalling the game. microsoft will sometimes block files that are still safe.

it doesn't works. I have Windows 11, but i don't know it is important or not

It finally works, i extrtact it with my phone, it was the antivirus but i think i didn't desactivate it at all. Thank you

Nice game, enjoyed it!




Really scary

words cant express how I enjoyed peeing my pants during this game lol

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Played the demo and it was convincing and THE FULL GAME??! stellar ! Loved the jumpscares , maybe added a few more but, great game !!!

Jumpscares and a creepy atmosphere along with a boss the doesn't care... who wouldn't be scared? Very fun and pretty spooky game!

WOW this game surprised me man I loved it, Thank you for your hard work on it and keep up the good work.

Here a Video Full Gameplay of the game if u are interested in watching

South of hell (Full Gameplay)
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tnx Goood Game, watch full gameplay

This is the gameplay of the demo, scared the sh*t out of me lmao might have to check out the full game.

The game was a fun play! I liked addition of voice acting and the graphics.However, I think there could be some improvements, just my friendly input. Some surrounding audio to tell us what's happening outside, or maybe some more stuff with the inventory system. 

this game really scare me !!!!! 馃槶馃槶

Mark's reaction was pretty spot on for any gas station owner

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